Café Femenino Sumatra Gayo Highlands

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In 2014, women in the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra began separating their coffee from the coffee farmed by men. A year later, KOKOWAGAYO became the first women-only coffee co-operative in their country.

FLAVOR NOTES: Rich body, deep chocolate, black cherry

ORIGIN: Kokowagayo Co-op, Gayo Highlands, Sumatra


PROCESS: Wet-Hulled

CERTIFICATIONS: USDA Organic and Fair Trade


NOTICE: Due to the remarkable support we've received from good people like you, we have run out of our usual pre-printed bags. The women farmers of Café Femenino Coffee have graciously approved temporary white bags, which you may receive until the pre-printed bag stock is replenished. They thank you for your understanding and hope you enjoy their coffee.

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