Café Femenino Erlita Baca Arce Whole Bean Coffee

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Erlita Baca Arce is one of the original pioneers to take a stand for change and challenge the traditions of the male-dominated coffee supply chain to help launch Café Femenino in 2003. Since then, Erlita has helped effect social change in her community and improve the lives of women coffee farmers and their families as vice president of the CECANOR co-op and treasurer of the Café Femenino program in Peru.

Erlita’s farm is approximately 2.5 acres producing about 20 bags of green coffee per year. An entire team of people – from producer, miller, exporter, and importer – all agreed to commit themselves to keep this coffee separate to be presented as the very first single-producer microlot for Café Femenino Coffee. It took a great effort across the coffee supply chain, but the results were worth the extra care required to bring Erlita's coffee to you. 


FLAVOR NOTES: Chocolate, Nutty, Dried Fruit

ORIGIN: Nueva York, Amazonas Region, Peru

ALTITUDE: 1500 meters

VARIETIES: Villa Sarchi and Catimor


CERTIFICATIONS: Certified Organic & Fair Trade



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