Café Femenino Coffees are sourced exclusively from thousands of women-owned and women-operated farms across nine countries. Available in single-origin roasts from Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, and Sumatra and specialty blends, including Espresso and limited editions, all of our coffees are certified USDA Organic and Fair Trade. Café Femenino Coffee is small-batch roasted in Hillsborough, North Carolina at Joe Van Gogh Coffee Roasters.

Read more about the story behind our coffee below.


The Café Femenino Coffee story began in 2003. It was born out of a grassroots movement to give women coffee farmers the credit they deserve and the voice they need to build a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The movement started in Peru where an innovative idea was conceived by Isabel Uriarte Latorre and her husband Victor Rojas Diaz, both members of small farming families from the Cajamarca region. Their idea: pay women directly for the coffee they produced, which would help bring them economic and social equality.

The Café Femenino movement took flight when Isabel proposed the idea of a women-only coffee brand to Gay and Garth Smith, co-founders of Organic Products Trading Company (OPTCO). 

Today, Café Femenino is a global movement, and Café Femenino Coffee is grown on thousands of women-owned and women-operated farms across nine countries. 


Not only is Café Femenino Coffee produced by women farmers, women play an integral role in all aspects of bringing the coffee to you. The importer, Organic Products Trading Company, was co-founded by a woman. The roasting team is led by a woman, and women handle sales and marketing for Café Femenino Coffee.

Café Femenino Coffee is your opportunity to support the industry-transforming Café Femenino Program, a one-of-a-kind ethical sourcing model that empowers women throughout the coffee value chain. Learn more about the program here.

Café Femenino Coffee supports Café Femenino Foundation, an international non-profit organization that administers a broad range of social and economic programs to support the women farmers and their communities.

Become involved in the Café Femenino Foundation by visiting CoffeeCan.org.


The women farmers who produce Café Femenino Coffee are paid directly for the coffee they produce:

  • We pay a 2¢ premium (per pound) over Fair Trade prices directly to the women coffee growers participating in the Café Femenino Program
  • For each pound of coffee purchased, 5¢ is donated to the Café Femenino Foundation
  • All monies are paid directly to the women who produced the coffee, and they are empowered to use it any way they wish



Cafe Femenino Coffee Direct Sourcing Map



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