Café Femenino Organic Colombia | Mini Whole Bean Coffee

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This Fair Trade organic coffee is grown by 438 women farmers in Cauca, which is located in the Southwestern part of Colombia. These women are a part of the Cafe Femenino Colombia Program and the Cooperativa del Sur del Cauca (COSURCA).

Since joining the Café Femenino program, the women farmers of COSURCA have risen above ingrained social stigmas to become a shining example of the courage and power of women standing up together to shape a better future. When they’re not harvesting world-class coffee beans, they’re running a kitchen upgrade project that improves the health and safety of homes across the community.

This is a mini bag: 6oz of whole bean coffee

FLAVOR NOTES: Sweet chocolate, citrus, medium body

ORIGIN: COSURCA Co-op, Cauca, Colombia



CERTIFICATIONS: USDA Organic and Fair Trade

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