The Skinny on Ethical Sourcing

The Café Femenino Coffee program is founded on a one-of-a-kind ethical sourcing model committed to ending the cycle of poverty that has held women coffee farmers back for centuries.

The program disrupts coffee’s traditional economic system by paying women farmers directly for their coffee production.

Paying women directly ensures that they get their fair share, which is the fundamental tenet of ethical sourcing. It also gives women the decision-making power, equality and voice they need to empower themselves and guide their own destiny.


Ethical sourcing is essential to the future of coffee. Helping women coffee producers thrive fuels the sustainability of the coffee industry while improving coffee’s quality.

Ethical sourcing provides women farmers of Café Femenino with access to a host of political and economic benefits, including:

  • A more equal distribution of labor in their households and communities
  • Income stability for women that enables them to make independent decisions
  • Land ownership and land title rights for women farmers
  • Direct access to international buyers of green coffee
  • Leadership roles for women within their co-ops and communities
  • Access to and leadership around Café Femenino Foundation's grant money to help strengthen their communities
Café Femenino Coffee is 100% ethically sourced from women-owned and women-operated farms and co-ops across nine countries.


Through participating in Café Femenino, women across the world have enjoyed many positive cultural changes, including:

  • Recognition for the work they do in the household and on the farm
  • Reduction in physical, emotional and sexual abuse in farming communities
  • Increase in farm family incomes and reduction of poverty
  • Increase in educational opportunities and school attendance for women and girls
  • Heightened involvement of men in childrearing and domestic activities

The coffees farmed by the women of Café Femenino are now available to the U.S. market through Café Femenino Coffee. Shop Now

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