Supporting Health Care and Education

Café Femenino Coffee is proud to highlight the work of 178 women coffee producers in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala with a new single-origin coffee. 

Our new coffee is sourced from women members of the ASOBAGRI Cooperative in the highlands of western Guatemala. It features chocolate, citrus, and floral aromas, with dark chocolate, stone fruit, and a full-bodied flavor.  

The ASOBAGRI Cooperative was founded in 1989 by twenty K'anjob'al Mayan coffee and cardamom farmers. Despite the region's political instability, the co-op grew steadily throughout the 1990s and became Fairtrade certified in 1999. In 2010, the women farmers of ASOBAGRI joined the Café Femenino program and exported their first container of coffee. By 2019, the membership of the Café Femenino Guatemala Program, which includes the cooperatives of ASOBAGRI and Nahuala, reached 347 women strong.

The women of ASOBAGRI have used the revenue from their Fair Trade sales to create real change in their community. Among other initiatives, they have created a healthcare program that assists member families in covering emergency medical costs. They have also invested in promoting literacy and education funding in their communities with grants for children of members to provide for primary and higher education costs.

When you choose Café Femenino Coffee, you choose a brand that provides leadership opportunities and ownership rights to women coffee farmers like those of the ASOBAGRI Cooperative. 

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