Strong Women. Strong Communities.

Since their first meeting in 2003, the women of the Café Femenino Peru Program have marshaled widespread social change into their communities.

By overcoming a variety of barriers—including inferior societal status, adverse living conditions and lack of self-esteem, the women have successfully stood up against generations of gender inequity.

Over the last 15 years, domestic abuse and malnutrition rates have gone down, education and income equality rates have gone up and the women are no longer too timid to speak. They now stand up in front of groups, make presentations and hold several elected positions on the boards of the coffee associations of the Peruvian coffee co-op CECANOR.


"We have used the money we’ve received from the Café Femenino premium to invest in improving our homes, providing education for our daughters, and improving the food that we feed our families. Café Femenino has been wonderful in improving the self-esteem and empowerment of the women in our community.” – Sabina, Cecanor, Peru


The hard work and courage of the women of Café Femenino Peru mean the women in their community have more decision-making power, more income and more dignity than ever before. Learn more about the Café Femenino Program and the Café Femenino Foundation.

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