Our First Microlot Coffee: Erlita Baca Arce

It took a great effort across the coffee supply chain to bring Erlita's exceptional microlot coffee to you, but the results were worth the extra care. This very limited edition coffee is here just in time for International Women’s Day on March 8.

Erlita Baca Arce owns a small plot of farmland in Nueva York in the Amazonas region of Peru. Her farm produces a very limited 20 bags of high-quality Fair Trade organic specialty coffee per year. An entire team of people – producer, miller, exporter, and importer – all committed themselves to keep Erlita’s coffee separate from the rest of the Café Femenino producer group to be released as the very first single-producer microlot for Café Femenino Coffee.

You will love the almond, cashew, floral aroma, and the chocolate, nutty, and dried fruit tasting notes.

Just like all Café Femenino Coffees, the Erlita Baca Arce single farmer lot is a coffee with women’s empowerment at its core. Women producers are paid a premium to Fair Trade directly for their beans, providing them with the income and resources to create powerful change in their communities on their terms.

“Café Femenino has given me many opportunities to improve the quality of my coffee and the quality of life for my family. I invest the premium I earn in improving our community, providing education for our daughters, and improving the food that we feed our families. Café Femenino has been wonderful in improving the self-esteem and empowerment of the women in our community.”
–Erlita Baca Arce


About Erlita:

In 2003, Erlita Baca Arce and 463 other brave Peruvian women challenged the traditions of the male-dominated coffee supply chain that kept them from being paid for the coffee they produced. The women came together to launch Café Femenino, which means women’s coffee in Spanish. Since then, Erlita has helped effect social change in her community and improve the lives of women coffee farmers and their families as vice president of the CECANOR co-op and has served as treasurer of the Café Femenino program in Peru.

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