Feliz Navidad Holiday Blend

To celebrate the winter holidays, the women farmers of Café Femenino have come together to offer their first holiday blend called Feliz Navidad.

The blend contains beans from Café Femenino producers in Mexico, Guatemala and Sumatra. This is their first-ever blend combining beans from these three countries.


Café Femenino is a first-of-its-kind ethical sourcing program with women’s empowerment at its core. We source beans only from women owned and operated farms. We pay women producers directly and provide the resources they need to achieve equality on their own terms.

The program began in Peru in 2003, and now includes women farmers in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Rwanda and Sumatra.

Five cents per pound is donated to a foundation that supports healthcare, education and welfare initiatives for women coffee farmers and their children. Learn more at CoffeeCan.org.

Buy Feliz Navidad now!

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